Alexis, Cayden and Roxy decided to check out a local funhouse to share some thrills and chills, but when one of the sideshow freaks gets a little too frisky, the honeys decide to scare this chump for good by busting out some serious CFNM! These bodacious bitches strip the freak down, leaving only his mask on before getting him all hard and horny by stroking his pole, lubing it up with their spit to jerk-off his malformed meat. Of course, when these bitches start stroking and teasing this chump's cock, he thinks he's become the "freak of the week" and is about to partake in an oh-so-wrong three lady fuck, but the reality hasn't set in for this sideshow simpleton and he is in for a rude awakening when these ladies start insulting his freakish face and the size of his creepy cock as they stroke it, making him shoot sperm all over himself before heading off on their merry way, leaving the foolish freak feeling stupid!
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29. Nov. 2014
Rating: 4/5
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