Janessa Jordan & Megan

When their boss called them to tell them that he couldn't choose which of the assistants to take to Europe with him, Janessa and Megan decided to make the process a little easier for him by stripping him down and having a contest to see who could make him cum first! A little mouth action started it off, with the two clothed females taking turns slobbering his thick nob, getting it all wet and ready for a power-pumping hand job! These clothed bitches swap strokes, priming their bosses titanic tool and pumping his piston hard and fast to see which one of these bitchy babes is gonna win this contest. When victory comes and this chump employer has sprayed his seed all over his own stomach, these honeys leave him dumbfounded and dripping because as it turns out, they didn't want to go to Europe after all!
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29. Jul. 2016
Rating: 4/5
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