Strip Poker

I walked into my apartment one night to see that my roommate Sarah and her two girlfriends Dez and Lily were playing poker. I didn't have any plans for the night, so I asked if I could join in fibbing that I was a terrible player. There was only one catch. It was strip poker that they were playing. 'Even better!' I thought. I was pretty excited because I'm a great poker player. I knew it'd only be a matter of time before I busted them and had all three babes naked. The plan was so good, but that's not what happened. I actually ended up losing the game! I soon realized that these babes were pro's at the game, and suspected they set the whole thing up to get me naked. "Alright Mike! Take it off!" My roommate Sarah demanded. The babes watched as I stripped down naked in front of them before sitting back down on the couch. Sarah explained the rules of the next mini-game. "So. Here's the trick to the game. We're all gonna draw a card and whoever has the highest card, has to jack Mike off." I, of course was all for this. It was a win-win situation as all three babes were hot as hell. The babes each drew a card and announced what they had. My roommate Sarah had the highest card, so she came to sit next to me, rubbing on my stomach before sliding her hand against my cock. Steadily, she began milking me in front of the babes. "Are you warming up?" She asked. "Slowly, but surely." I replied with a smirk. "Mmm... I want in on this, I can't just watch anymore." Dez said as she made her way to my other side. I was sandwiched between these babes as they both jerked my growing cock. "Looks like you're having some fun there..." Lily noticed. I told her to come join, and join she did as she massaged my balls. "So Mike, have you ever done this before?" Sarah asked. "I usually win." I confessed. They were really concentrated deep on hand fucking my cock. I sucked on Dez's tits as Sarah and Lily. They had me stand in front of the couch jerking my own cock, while they sat and watched. The babes begged me to cum on their hands. "You babes are so cute... you're so adorable. The pressure is building." I said to them. They held out their hands waiting, but I felt way to pressured to cum. So they helped me out, taking a hold of my cock, pulling at it and squeezing it just perfectly. I was so turned on, I exploded all over their palms, moaning and groaning as I came. "You'll have to come over next week, for another session..." Dez said. "Thank you." I said. "That was fun." Needless to say, I eagerly planned on losing a lot of their strip poker games in the future.
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22. Jun. 2016
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