The Handyman

Two of my best girlfriends and myself decided to take a big chance and open our very own ice cream parlor. We'd been working our butts off, getting ready for our grand opening, in the morning, when lo n' behold one of our ice cream machines broke!!! Right away I called a handyman I know to come over for an emergency fix. He was fast, friendly, and totally saved the day!! So we offered him a really special thank you.... He froze watching us slowly lick the milky sweet cream off the top of the cup he gave us to sample. He looked like the kinda guy who doesn't get much play, so we enjoyed indulging his fantasies with some fun teasing. Taylor and i took a lick together, both of us scooping just a little bit of cream onto the tips of our tongues then kissed, a sweet, soft, slow, wet kiss. It was obvious that he was hungry for the treats we were offering so Taylor trucked him over to our dining area where we all followed to get a taste. Hungry to gobble up his banana split, we peeled him out of his uniform. Churning his chub we got him hard then then we made him melt, spewing his satisfying man milkshake.
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6. Oct. 2016
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